5 Kitchen Tools - Every Chef’s Choice

Having a well-equipped kitchen is required for home cooks. Imagine cutting vegetables with scissors, baking a cake without a baking dish; how will it be? Indeed, things won't work this way. It doesn't matter what type of a chef you are; your kitchen needs to be equipped with essential tools. Please take responsibility for your kitchen and learn about the five kitchen tools every Chef has in their kitchen. This will enhance your cooking skills and make kitchen time worth spending. 

5 Chef's Choice Kitchen Tools

  1. Chef's Knife - One cannot imagine a kitchen without this tool. It is one of the essential tools for every kitchen. Whether you want to cut vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, see if the cake is baked or not, the knife is used. It is like without the blade; the kitchen is not the kitchen. 

Before deciding on the first knife, keep in mind all you will want to do with the knife. The knife you pick should be sharp, but you should also be comfortable using it. Neither it should have a long tail nor a shorter one. It should be perfect in all senses, and you should be able to use it dicing, cutting, and performing other essential work. 

  1. Y-shaped peeler - Go with the Y-shaped peeler instead of the straight swivel. A sharp peeler is a key to reducing preparation time. It also ensures that the vegetables are clean and free of scratches that may appear on your dishes. 
  2. Mandolin - Used in almost all commercial kitchens; there is no substitute for Mandolin. The way this tool cuts vegetables is accurate and quick. Mandolin is an essential addition to your kitchen toolbox if you are always short on time. Usually, professional kitchens have French Mandolin, a stainless steel countertop unit costing $ 300 or $ 400. You will find several blade options that allow slicing vegetables like paper. You can also cut shredded vegetables and French fries by turning the mechanism
  3. Fish Spatula - If you love to fish, the following tool is definitely for your kitchen. The fish spatula is a thin, sturdy stainless steel spatula with a slight curve at the end resembling an auto grill. Ideal for gently frying under fish fillets without damaging the fish., this lightweight tool is versatile and can be used for many foods when turning the pan over. 
  4. Pasta Strainer (Colander) - Strain pasta in large batches. A colander is a bowl-shaped tool with a stainless steel handle that rubs a small number of noodles. The perforations are small so that the noodles do not slip through. It can also be used as a shovel, strain vegetables, a blanching basket, etc. 

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With the help of these essential tools that every Chef loves to have, you can make your kitchen the perfect palace for cooking. In addition to these tools, if you keep a meat thermometer to check the temperature of chicken, a spice grinder that helps grind spices, roasted coffee beans, all of which, when freshly ground, adds flavor to your recipes. Moreover, a fine-mesh sieve will stop food wastage as it will help strain stocks or sauces without spilling food and give a perfect velvet texture to the vegetables making all the difference in a recipe. Last but not least is a pair of kitchen tongs. These tongs are multi-purpose, and each kitchen and Chef's knife should have them. Used to fry food and spin food, you can accurately place the finished product on the plate. So, what are you thinking? Get these tools now and make your kitchen flawless.

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